A Comprehensive Range Of Satellite Services

We cover new installations, repairs, multi-room points as well as storm damage. From caravan sites with patio mounts to special heights access on chimneys, we cover it all.

We use quality assured ZONE1 and ZONE2 satellite dishes, QUAD and OCTO LNB receivers for Freesat or SKY+HD and Wideband and Hybrid LNB receivers for SKY Q, from leading industry manufacturers. Our preference is always to use the very best Webro or Televes WF100 or CT100 as well as WF65 or CT63 copper cabling to achieve a crystal-clear picture and reliability.

We can offer advice on options with channels, signal quality and strength in your area and an estimate with the price to meet your needs. If you have more than one TV in the home and would like to enjoy the benefits of your Freesat in every room, we can install multi-room systems cost effectively.

We provide first time installations, dish re-alignments, HD set up, multi-room link ups or solve any cabling issues you may be struggling with. We work to provide you with the best possible strength of reception in every room, ensuring excellent picture and sound quality across all Freesat channels.

Third party engineers from big national companies are alloted only a limited time slot to fit your SKY system. Here at Hamilton Aerials, we guarantee a mindful and dedicated job with no compromise in quality of work and with no time restrictions.